Anthony Santa-Iglesia

I would have to say that Anthony is a breed of his own.  Don’t be fooled by his kind demeanor, soft spoken words or his good manners.  Load him with weights, chalk on his hands and immediately he becomes your biggest competitor.  Game face on and now he is the man to beat….

We had the pleasure of meeting Anthony about a year ago.  From the second he loaded the bar he immediately demanded respect, and he got it.  After competing in CrossFit Comps he has decided to take it further and has and will be competing in an upcoming Oly weightlifting meets.  Keep your eyes on this one, he is an up and coming force that wont be ignored.

Here is a little more about Anthony:

Anthony is a 28 year-old Technical Solutions Engineer and resides in Orange County, California. With a long athletic history that includes: high school track star, multiple 1stplace finishes in the Hawaiian Outrigger Accolades and Wave Chaser Paddle Series, it’s no wonder he took so well to CrossFit Olympic  lifting and competing. Additionally, he is an avid Tahitian dancer that took the coveted overall and 1st place spot in California.

Here is a few things he enjoys when he’s not pushing his mind and body to the limits.  Anthony enjoys drawing, DIY adruino, and idolizing (admiring?) the Cesar’s Dog food West Highland Terrier mascot.

Anthony is currently assisting us with his own Gorilla Wrist Wrap design.  Once it is completed we will post it here for sale.  50% of every Santa-Iglesia design sold will go back to Anthony to support him in future events.  Please check back soon for products.